The PCC met on Thursday 6th September.  8 members were present with Pam Pomeroy in the Chair.

The notes summarising the Pre-Section 11 meeting with the Archdeacon held on 22nd August had been distributed prior to the meeting and were approved.  At a special meeting held on 13th September, Bob Clayfield was appointed as our parish representative on the Patronage Board and Julie and Pam were appointed as our 2 representatives in connection with the selection of a new incumbent.  The officers of the PCC in our church and our sister church of St John the Divine in Cliviger are preparing the Parish Profile to support the recruitment process.  The final version will be approved by both PCCs and forwarded to the Diocese.  It was noted that within the Blackburn Diocese there were 4 vacancies at present in process and a further 13 waiting to be advertised of which the United Benefice of St. John the Divine Cliviger with St. John the Evangelist Worsthorne was the last to be added to this list.  Whilst the Blackburn Diocese has had an increase in Ordinands this year the number was still very small. This being the case it was agreed that we request to advertise nationally.  On a positive note there was felt to be no need to have a section 12 meeting and it was good news to hear that the Diocese had agreed that the replacement Incumbent be advertised as a full-time post in part in recognition of the two parishes always, to date, paying their Parish Share.

Nick presented his Treasurer’s Report which incorporated 2 months’ activity.  It was noted that the figure representing the proceeds from the Art and Crafts Fair was likely to be the final figure.  Attendance on the door had been down by 10% and probably reflected there were less casual ‘walk-ins’ and the absence of an exhibition in church. In previous years the exhibition in church has promoted a great deal of interest and has been very well received and if anyone is able to offer their services to organise an exhibition for next year’s Fair, they would be welcomed with open arms!

In her Churchwarden’s Report, Pam reported that, in the absence of an Incumbent we have been fortunate in enjoying the support of Neil Barnes, Mark Jones, Mike Print, Roger Parker and the Bishop of Burnley in continuing the 8 am service. That said it was a big commitment for these clergy who have also got other priorities.  As we now know the vacancy may take up to 12 months to be filled, it is felt that we must look at how we can maintain all our services.  As a temporary measure it was suggested that as from October there would be a 8a.m. service every weekend except on the 2nd Sunday of month when there would just be a service at 9-30a.m. This proposal was agreed unanimously by all members present at the meeting with an amendment that this would be reviewed at the December PCC meeting.

Sunday 11th November 2018, Remembrance Sunday, is the Centenary Anniversary of Armistice Day. The Morning service will begin at 10-15 a.m. to enable the appropriate act of remembrance at 11-00a.m. Jim Hoyle had already agreed to play the Last Post and the Standing Committee will progress other arrangements to mark this occasion.

Harvest Festival will be celebrated on Sunday 7th October this year  During the Family Service on that day the Beavers will be presented with their badges.

The Safeguarding policy was accepted by the Council and is on display in the noticeboard in the Thursby Lounge.  A safeguarding audit is being undertaken and will be considered by the Standing Committee at its meeting on 20th September.

With regard to Vision 2026, Amanda had prepared a brief report in her absence, including a reminder of the 3 objectives of our Mission Action Plan: Messy Church, Open Church and an Enquirers’ Course.  The Enquirers’ Course planned for November/December would be open to the congregations of both parishes in the benefice.

Notes from the recent meeting of the Building and Graveyard team had been circulated prior to the meeting and a verbal update was given.  It was noted the Graveyard path at the back of church was virtually complete. Pam asked that, on behalf of the PCC, everyone involved be thanked. Invaluable help, support and gift of resources were particularly noted from Ian Ashworth and Greg Birkett.  Eight gentlemen and Ian’s daughter Laura had spent the whole of Saturday 1st September in the graveyard and had a thoroughly good time with a great outcome. Special thanks were also recorded to Mavis and Pam for much needed refreshments and a splendid lunch.

Reference was made to the fact that adverse criticism had been received about some of the work carried out by the Buildings & Graveyard team and it was hoped that in future constructive criticism would be welcomed through the appropriate channels; the chairman possibly in the first instance, so as not to cause offence or stem enthusiasm and good will.

The PCC wish to express their thanks to Diana Preston for her generous gift of a new mat in the church entrance.

The next meeting of the PCC will be on Thursday 4th October at 7.30 pm.

Linda Smith      

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