The PCC met on Thursday 4th October.  11 members were present with Pam Pomeroy in the Chair.

The Treasurer’s report and budget update had been distributed prior to the meeting and Nick  went through the 2 documents, explaining changes in the budget for the year, which currently is predicting a moderate surplus.

The officers had met on 20th September and Julie went through their report.  It was agreed the charity to be supported this year in the Christmas appeal should be Riding for the Disabled, a local charity organised by a member of our congregation.  The gifts from the Harvest Service will be donated to Burnley Food Kitchen.

As agreed previously, the contact details to be placed in the church magazine and on our facebook page for people wishing to hold an event in church will be any church officer or member of the PCC.  Jan Bamber requested that a fund-raising event for the Leprosy Mission be held in the new year.

On 10th September Pam and Julie had met with the Archdeacon and Pam went through the pertinent points discussed at the visitation.  Many examples of good practice and commendations had been identified, including the presentation and maintenance of the church building and the churchyard.  Particular mention had been made of the fine new footpath in the rear churchyard.  There were also some points identified for the parish to follow up, mainly relating to updating various policies and procedures and the diocese are to seek advice on the tree roots affecting the boundary wall.

A cabinet has been purchased and placed in the office for safe and secure storage of important documents.  Copies of some documents remain in the Burnley Registry Office and Lancashire Archives.

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Jane Mitchell, has been completing a safeguarding audit in accordance with diocesan policy.  There are 10 standards to be considered, 2 of which are not applicable, 5 have been fully met, 2 partially met and 1 not met.  The 3 standards not yet met were discussed by the Council and will be addressed in the coming months, prior to presentation at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April 2019.

Details of the Enquirers’ Course to be held in November/December are on the noticeboard in the lounge and people are asked to sign up if they would like to attend.  This will be run by our Vision Champion, Amanda Cattell.

Bob had distributed a report from the Building and Graveyard Team.  It was noted that the soil, which had been removed when constructing the new path, had been used to fill some of the hollows and dips in the rear churchyard and it was agreed more topsoil be purchased to fill those remaining in the rest of the churchyard.  Autumn leaf clearing has now begun and other tasks completed during the month include the cleaning of the walls in the kitchen and inspection of the church and tower roof, in particular the gutters in view of the recent blockage – all was found to be in good order.

An application for enrolment on the electoral roll was accepted from Mrs Susan Hall.

In view of the low numbers of people wishing to be confirmed this year, the service planned to be held at St John’s will no longer take place.  The candidates will be confirmed at another parish in the diocese.

Special services being held in the coming months include the Remembrance Day Service on 11th November when poppies wll be displayed for people on our remembrance list and Gift Sunday and Family Service on 2nd December, after which chocolate gifts received will be taken to local charities in time for Christmas.

Bishop Philip will be taking the service on Christmas Day and Bishop Julian will be preaching at a United Benefice service on 16th December.

The Christmas Fair this year will be on 24th November from 10 am to 2 pm.  As usual, Father Christmas will be in attendance, refreshments served by the ladies in the kitchen will be second to none and there will be lots of fun and games and other stalls.  There will be 2 hampers and a Christmas cake to be raffled.  This is our second biggest fund-raising event of the year and its success will depend on the attendance and contribution of our congregation and members of the community.  Please help in any way you can – lists and notices are on the noticeboard in the lounge.

The next meeting of the PCC will be on Thursday 1st November at 7.30 pm.

Linda Smith      

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