From the wardens

From the wardens

Looking at the change in the weather recently it sems that Autumn is upon us. Whilst many would mourn the end of Summer with all its excitements, Autumn is also a special time of the year bringing with it a different kind of beauty and perhaps a slightly different pace to our lives –  one that allows us more time to slow down a little and reflect as the natural world rests.

Special times in church life include our Harvest Festival service when we traditionally give thanks for the plentiful food that we enjoy. It is also an opportunity to share that bounty with those not as well  provided for as ourselves and we will continue to support the Food Bank and the Refuge with the gifts that you bring to that service on October 7th in addition to the weekly contributions that you so generously provide. Your support is very much valued.

Your PCC is already planning the Remembrance Service in November and we hope to include more of our young people in this the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, a conflict in which so many sacrifices were made by so many very young men. As we then move forward to Advent, the course organised by Amanda, our Vision Champion,will begin and help us to focus on preparation for the great Christmas Festival.

It seems then that Autumn is a time to pause and reflect but is not only a “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” but also an opportunity to share with others and to look forward with hope.

Pam and Julie

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