We had a very successful Art & Crafts Fair this year but the Exhibition in Church was missing and a lot of our visitors were disappointed.  Over the years we have covered many topics with titles such as Help, Golden Memories, Smile Please, Communications, When I were a Lad, Hobbies and many more.  The people running the organisation of the Exhibition have obviously chosen topics where their interests have been.

The committee are hoping that someone with some time to spare in the coming months and especially in the week before the Fair (which starts on 3 August in 2019) will feel the call to come and help us.  It is quite an onerous task, but does not have to be as big as in the past, just providing something for our visitors to ponder over for half an hour or more.  Ideally this is a job for a group of people to get their teeth into!  Help will be provided by the committee and the heavy gang (our furniture removing volunteers!).

Are you a teacher with display experience?  Are you a secretary with typing skills to make posters?  Are you a Jack or Jill of all trades?  Do your hobbies and interests lend themselves to an Exhibition?  Have you got time on your hands in the winter months to get the ball rolling for the making of an Exhibition?

If you are at all interested in joining us then please ring Barbara Wharton (tel 427964) or Elizabeth Aves (tel 454174).  We have some ideas, we just need man or woman power!



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